"Christoper Beert"

The baseball stud himself. From the beginning, he knew there was a light on the stage that held the same glow of the outfield lights during a night time game. With a sense of two homes growing up between Rose Creek and Mankato MN, he found himself finding his real home within the music. “It was something you could relate to on any level”, stated Beertè. Growing up he didn't shy from listening to all genres of music from 2Pac to Garth Brooks. He found that his passion was the lyrics. His stage name stems from a joke in the movie, “Joe Dirt”. From Dirte (deertay) to Beertè (beertay), he created his legacy. With his passionate personality he found something deep within the roots of hip-hop. “Being able to paint a picture with lyrics was more than exciting, it was a feeling of accomplishment” - (Beertè). After recording his first song with Modest Music four years ago, it was no difficult decision for him to link up with quality friends creating and seeing a true vision. He's just released his debut album "Paying My Respect", while putting  some duo tracks together with Nigel T. Watch out for this slugger, because one day he'll be on the Modest Yacht yelling “We made it!

"Paying my Respect"

Beertè's debut studio album is streaming everywhere now! click the fanlink below to find the album on your preferred streaming service. 🤘⚾️



The Ballad of Beltz

 Here to deliver soul and passion through rhythm and verbiage to his followers. BELTZ has been performing for a decade plus both as a solo and duet artist. His first duo group was named "Big 'n' Nasty". This helped pave the way for the cultivation of his new style and sound. Meanwhile during the early stages of that group he began to help create a dynasty which would be known as Modest Music. His first business partner was Ryan Rutjes. Ryan the "R" (short for REVI) in their duo group RxB. Which is what led to current times, having taken both of their music to the next level. This is where the theatrics began to come to full fruition in there performances. During this time of creating music they formed: 'Modest Music L.L.C'. With Modest Music becoming an actual business they knew it was time to start making money and figuring out how to take their business to the next level. Which is where Modest Music LLC became the threshold to all of their endeavors ahead in becoming a conglomeration with other companies such as; MoonFest, TwinPeaksMedia, ESnow Art and YuWish Productions. This venture was just the start in to what will forever be written in the stars. From BELTZ to you; "Thank you for your continued support"





“Brody P. Kohn”

Hazrdos is someone you can constantly find working in the studio while enjoying a nice 1919. From the beginning, Haz had taken guitar lessons around just 8 years old. However, he states, “I just couldn’t focus enough to get my fingers to do what I wanted them to.” Growing up listening to multiple genres there was one thing that stood out most to Haz, the voice. Early on he went by the name “HAZMAT” but quickly he decided that was a much better band name. While going by Hazardous, "Imagine", (a producer, friend & emcee), sent him a beat and typed it a little too fast spelling it “HAZRDOS". Once he saw it he cracked a big smile, took a shot of Jameson, and said “I LIKE IT!” Which brings him to when he had his first show in 2013. He gained influence from people such as Eyedea and Johnny Cash to steadily create his sound. When it came to joining a label he states “There was no easy choice who to try to reach out for.” However, since joining Modest Music this past year, he says “It creates power with numbers, especially when it comes to having constant inspiration.” Hazrdos has prepared his first studio album “It’s Pronounced Hazardous” to drop July, 2018. If you're ever looking to work with haz you’ll most likely find him getting down in the studio.

"Its Pronounced Hazardous"

You can listen to the album on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, and anything else your pretty little hearts desire 🧡




Nigel T

“Nicholas D. Beck”

Nigel T, the mad chemist himself, found home in Mankato after venturing from his distant planet Niburu back in 2014. Early in his career Nigel T went by the name “TOXIC”. Soon after he learned this name was taken, he was unsure which direction to take. After free styling with some friends he said something along the lines of “Smashing, call me Nigel T”. His friends went nuts, and from then on it was history. With influences ranging from Tom Petty, over to the Beast Coast Movement and back to Jimi, shredding a riff on the guitar, Nigel T holds no limits to his musical potential and sound. Back in his early days, Nigel T spent time dancing, singing in choir and playing multiple instruments. This now brings him to his mission ahead with Modest, being able to use all these skills to become the best he can. As the indigo child we've seen in him, we’ve come to understand there is no boundary he’s not afraid to cross in the musical world. He spends most of his time working on his craft (& potions). You can expect Nigel ’s first tape released under Modest to release this upcoming Fall, 2018. Until then, you will find him in the lab creating “music that can make a sane man go mad, and a mad man become sane" - (Nigel T).


FULL PROJECT "G.W.A.P." OUT NOW💿 Available On All Platforms!👻
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Ryan Rutjes aka REVI

Ryan Rutjes... Man, where do i start. Producer, Engineer, CEO, Father, Student, Graphics, I think you get the point. The guy doesn't sleep. Sometimes quite literally. However as he's always said this dream won't happen without it.

It's the basic's of kinetic energy that keeps guy from every slowing down. He's never not working on something new for the team. Wether that be a Song he's supposed to write too. Or a song he's supposed to edit. Music engulfs his life yet at the end of everyday it's still what brings him to peace, for an hour or two of sleep.

Curating MoonFest music festival back in 2017 with business partner Andy Beltz adding yet just one more task to the schedule he began to find he had yet one more super love. That of giving back to his community and seeing the happiness he could help make happen by music. He knew this was just the beginning to yet another chapter, in the book of REVI.



Mankato Free Press BIOGRAPHY of RxB. Written by Diana G.

This duo come's in strong with the corny jokes, dad shoes & catchy hooks to keep your energy alive and well. Born in different parts of the world these two  first met Five years ago, Andy Beltz walked in to Smokes 4 Less after performing his very first hip hop show, excited about the music video he was about to shoot. Naturally, he told the cashier Ryan Rutjes. "I still haven’t shot this music video to date," Beltz said. "Each time he’d come in I'd be like 'How’s that music video coming?'" Rutjes said. Although the music video was never shot, the two started talking about music, and the more they talked, they realized that they had a common goal: to highlight the importance of local music and the potential, positive impact it could make. Last year, the two officially created their record label, Modest Music L.L.C and it is just the beginning in the venture of showcasing local artists. Creating the label was the first step, but they wanted to do more. What could they do?